Flower-Power rullez!

Remember plastic skateboards form the '80s? Ordinary streets, greyness of everyday life, dullness... and colorful plastic skateboards, which stood out from their surroundings - an object of widespread desire. Nobody thought at that time about skateboards made of plywood, bamboo or other wood mutations.

The whole world was flitting about on skateboards. Only a few producers of such skateboards existed in Poland, but we got unique, colorful and durable models from the "West". When I look back to these years, I cannot recall a kid without a colorful plastic skateboard. We were riding these skateboards with pride and in breaks proudly carrying them in our backpacks so that everyone would look at us with envy and awe!

That was really something! We decided to revive these memories and give them a touch of modernity based on the cutting-edge technology. That is how FishSkateboards were created - the name was inspired by their shape, size and color. FishSkateboards are the first European skateboards in Poland, which refer to the old school models of the '80s. Seemingly, inconspicuously small, maneuverable and durable boards evoke sentiments among the 30 and 40 year olds. And it does not end with sighs of admiration. FishSkateboards mean great fun - speed and high maneuverability while skateboarding create unforgettable memories!  They provide for a genius alternative to other means of transport in a crowded city. FishSkateboards are small – easy to pack in a bag or backpack - and their weight of 1.8 kg allows to carry them wherever you go - work, shopping, stroll or anything at all with your buddies!

Our FishSkateboards are perfect for skateboarding in a city, on different types of surface, just like a typical cruiser. Intense colors make you stand out from the crowd and create many positive emotions among passer-bys. Curious onlookers accost people with FishSkateboards and start talking about their first plastic models. They show the boards to their kids and often try to remember their early years, at the same time trying to check their skateboarding skills. This summer - the number of accumulated energy and positive emotions on colorful skateboards will result in an outburst of Fishmania.

Join us!

FishSkateboards brand is a registered trademark since 2011 and is proprietary to EcoEvo.

money can't buy happiness but it can buy fishskateboard
and that's almost the same!