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A short cruiser made of wood? We dreamt about it. And it is why we have established the Wood Fish project. The result has exceeded our wildest expectations! These wooden goodies are made up of 7 layers built from Canadian maple. The upper part of the deck has grip tape applied, and the entire deck is equipped with 3” trucks and soft 78A wheels, whose quality you know very well from Classic Fish skateboards. Skateboarding on a Wood Fish is absolutely fun!

Classic Fish vs. Wood Fish – it would seem that those are very similar skateboards, and that the only thing which makes them differ is the material the deck is made of. Just this, but this is so much. The 7-layer laminate makes the deck stiffer, which significantly impacts the feelings while skateboarding. Whether this board is suitable for you, it all depends on the skateboarding style you prefer.

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